You’ve decided to pursue a career in personal training. You’ve got the personal training license, you’ve been hired at a gym, and you’ve started to build up your client base, but you’re still making pennies.

Maybe not even enough to cover groceries and rent in the same month.

That picture in your head of becoming a successful personal trainer has grown cloudy, shrouded by the realities of sales techniques and motivation tricks and legal jumbo and whatever else you think it is you need to master the profession.

But you know that it’s possible to make six figures. You’ve seen or heard about others doing it all around you. You just can’t figure out how to do it for yourself. I thought the same before I used the Freedom Formula.

What the heck is their secret?

Maybe they just got lucky. Maybe they somehow landed a celebrity client through a secret contest and it exploded their business. Maybe they had a rich uncle who lent them the startup money. You might as well just go back to get a “real job” because you don’t have those types of resources.

Before you go looking to corporate to fix your employment problem, let’s look at what’s holding you back so you can fix it. Because the truth is, all the resources are already inside of you.

The two biggest problems that those not killing it are making?

They lack sales and their success mindset is flimsy.

The Freedom Formula teaches you how to go from lack of sales and filmsy mindset to creating a six-figure business. Are you ready to learn? Read below..

How To Create A Six Figure Business Using The Freedom Formula:

Reach $100,000 In Personal Training By Increasing Your Sales

If you’re not making enough money, you’re not making enough sales. That’s pretty obvious, right? Well, instead of disappointing you with such a vague overly-obvious answer, let’s dive deeper into which parts of your sales strategy could be causing the lack of sales.

1.) Find Creative Ways To Build Momentum For Easy Lead Generation

Waiting for clients to somehow just arrive at your door isn’t going to build you a six-figure business, as you might imagine. You could have the best website and the best gym in town just waiting to be found, but if you’re not out there, online or in person, actively bringing in clients, then you’re not going to be very profitable.

Lead generation just means finding new prospects, new potential clients to train. You need to have a strategy in place for bringing in new leads. And in order to build momentum, you need to be consistent about it. Posting daily for a week on Facebook isn’t going to be enough. You have to show up daily, in several places, for the long term, with a clear vision for what you want the end result to look like in order to build success momentum.

You have to show up daily for the long term with a clear vision for what you want the end result to look like to build success momentum.

The way to generate leads is a delicate dance that’s part marketing, part referrals, part networking, part promotions. And you have to know how to do it right.

  • Marketing: marketing entails using social media, targeted ads, email sequences, content creation and other avenues to bring awareness to your business and ensure that your gym is the first to come to mind when someone is ready to train.
  • Referrals: increasing your referral network happens when you provide incentives for current clients to refer people.
  • Networking: getting your studio or brand name out there through interviews, guest posts, in-person events, affiliate programs, and collaborations.
  • Promotions: using special offers and promotions to get new people into your gym.

2.) Become Obsessed With Understanding Your Niche

Whether you specialize in yoga or fitness competitions, you need to understand your niche down to the smallest details. It will make you more effective at your job and sales when you’re in tune with your clients’ needs.

Successful entrepreneurs are always reading, learning, and staying up-to-date on niche news. Even the ones that “don’t have time.” They’re always elevating. One of the best ways to excel in your field and make six figures is to educate yourself to the point of mastery. Read everything you can get your hands on and then write your own literature on the subject.

If you’re not making an effort to study your niche and continually improve your craft, then it’s probably one of the main reasons your business isn’t growing past the 5-digit mark.

Some ways to study your niche and bring your business to the next level:

  • Invest In Fitness Business Coaching
  • Invest In Books Related To Scaling And Marketing A Business
  • Attend A Mastermind
  • Visit A Competitor’s Business And Study Their Marketing

Understanding the needs in your niche will always make you more effective at your job.

3.) Take Advantage Of Referral Systems To Generate More Revenue

Referrals are the best kind of testimonials and lead-generating tools you could possibly receive. It’s one thing for you to promote your business to people through your regular marketing channels. It’s another thing when someone who has gotten results from you (and gets no financial gain from it) sings your praises to their friends.

Sometimes referrals just happen by default through someone that gets major results. Someone who loses a major amount of weight and has a really moving success story is naturally going to make people want to know what they did. Your name will likely factor into that conversation.

Other times, you’re going to have to actively seek out referrals. You need to be intentional and have a referral process in place for reaching out for referrals.

Do you actively seek out referrals? If not, it could be stalling your financial progress.

4.) Increase Your Client Retention To 3X Your Income

Lead generation alone isn’t enough to scale your business to six figures. Maybe you know how to bring new prospects in, but do you know what to do to keep them around? Having a likable personality will certainly help, but so will building up your loyalty factor and keeping things interesting for your clients.

Take a minute to consider, what keeps people coming back to you? Do they typically come back? Low retention rates will kill your bottom line, especially if your client base is limited by a small geographic area. If you’ve gotten a high percentage of new moms in your area through your door, but you haven’t been able to keep them coming around, then what?

Once you learn how to establish a consistent client base, learn what to do to reduce turnover, and increase your loyalty factor, you will be well on your way to higher profits.

Here is a simple way you can lower your increase your retention rate:

Use Advanced Client Targeting To Lower Retention Rate

Do you know your target client, down to the places they like to shop?

No? Do you think your personal training business is for the general public? I would challenge you to reconsider. Just because you don’t want to exclude anyone isn’t a good enough reason not to target a specific population. In fact, having too big of a population in mind is just as bad as having no target in mind, and it will certainly keep you from increasing profits.

Niching your personal training business to a specific target will help you set yourself apart from your competition, make you more memorable (you’re the “5K guy”), and establish your reputation. Being a “general” personal trainer only makes you mediocre and forgettable.

And don’t worry, niching doesn’t mean that you can’t help people outside your niche either.

You need to get very clear on exactly who you’re targeting, where your ideal clients are hanging out, what pains them, what their grandest dreams are. If your personal training business focuses mainly on kids at inner city schools, your focus is going to be tremendously different than an exercise program for people at a senior living facility, which will again be worlds apart from a prenatal yoga program. Everything from your marketing to your branding will be affected by your desired target.

You need to understand your ideal client. Each population has different motivations for getting fit and a whole different set of needs. Being in tune with what your ideal client wants and giving it to them will bring you closer to the six-figure mark.

Get Rid Of Your “Flimsy Mindset” To Create A Freedom Mindset

The second thing you’re probably flubbing, if you’re not making 6 figures yet, is mindset. This is something many personal training mentors don’t address. And yet, it could be the difference between struggling wages and prolific income. If you don’t have the right mindset for successful business, it will hold everything back.

Flimsy mindset will hold back your sales results too. So, you have to get the mindset right before you can get any other part of your business (and life) right.

Flimsy mindset presents in several ways:

  • Lottery mindset: thinking you’ll just get lucky someday.
  • Magic mindset: thinking things will fall out of the air for you.
  • Inferiority complex: thinking you’re not as good as other trainers out there.
  • “Be practical” mindset: the “practical” mindset is what keeps most people in “safe” jobs and operating on autopilot.
  • Money-making mindset: operating from a place of making money rather than from a place of purpose.
  • Scarcity mindset: believing there’s only a limited number of resources and clients out there.
  • The “someday” mentality: thinking that “someday I’ll be able to hire a mentor and create a profitable business” or “someday I’ll have the time to dedicate to making my business more profitable.”
  • Victim mentality: everything happens to you as opposed to you taking responsibility for what part you have in a situation.

These mindsets are murder to your business!

There are more flimsy mindsets too, but these are just some of the biggies that personal trainers struggle most with. It’s difficult to turn them around when you don’t know how to identify and then master them.

Tackling flimsy mindsets takes a lot of personal development work. To turbocharge the process, hiring a mentor will give you personalized direction and a clearer focus.

Turning these mindsets around will change everything. For example, having a scarcity mindset will come off in client meetings as desperation. Your clients will get the feeling that you’re just trying to increase your paycheck by signing them on. If, however, you approach a client from a place of abundance and limitless resources, they will feel much more drawn to work with you.

Transforming your mind into a more resilient, tenacious tool will strengthen your business and enhance your income just by default.

Mindset also encompasses business mind shifts. You have to know what tasks are the most important to moving your business forward, what tasks you should be spending your time on, what tasks should be outsourced, how to scale what’s working, how to build in passive income streams, and how to make the most of your business hours.

Of course, it’s simple to say all of this, but not quite as easy to implement it or understand its meaning in depth.

If you’re looking at all of this, knowing something’s off with your business and feeling intimidated, AJ can help. That’s why he created this program.

You need a mentor. Someone who can identify those self-sabotaging thought patterns for you, help reinvent them, and take you to the top of your industry faster than you could ever do it yourself.

I want to introduce you to one of AJ’s clients, Zach Schmitt. His story represents the transformation that happens when you work with AJ Rivera and how possible it is for anyone to change weak sales and mindset into burgeoning business.

How Zach Schmitt Went From $1,000/Month To $22,000/Month In 8 Weeks:

About Zach:

Zach Schmitt is a personal trainer originally from Victoria, British Columbia who now lives outside Vancouver. Of the 5 years he’s been training, 4 of them were quite the struggle. But after using our branded technique, everything changed for him with his business, HD Performance.

The Struggles Zach went through before reaching 6 figures:

  • He struggled getting leads and generating enough income to even pay the bills.
  • He was making a little bit over $1,000/month in his first year, with a yearly salary of only $13,000. Though his income grew from there, he still wasn’t making enough to support a family, go on a vacation, or encounter new experiences. He wasn’t making enough to have the life he wanted.
  • At first Zach had 10 core clients. He was able to build up to 15-20 clients through sheer grit, but there was no consistency.
  • In the commercial gyms, Zach would bring in 30-50 clients a month and earn $12,000 – $22,000 a month for the gym. However, he only got a measly 10% of that, or $1,500/month. What a ripoff!

After hiring AJ Rivera, his transformation looked like this:

  • Zach now has 57 active clients and was able to bring in 15-20 leads within the first week of being back home. So many that he couldn’t keep up and had to turn off his ads!
  • He is now bringing in $13,000 on a bad month and $22,000 on a good month.
  • Zach is now looking to open 3-4 studios on Vancouver Island and planning travels to Spain, Germany, Italy and other countries in Europe to explore his heritage.

Those are numbers you’d like to see in your own bank account, right?

Here’s Exactly How Zach Used The Freedom Formula To Crush Six Figures:

#1. Use Time Management To Triple Your Profits

One thing that killed Zach’s profits was conventional scheduling and cancellations. Clients typically booked personal training sessions during the most popular times, between 5-8PM. Many nights, Zach would be faced with several cancellations. Those two factors left him time poor and financially tight.

To make his business more profitable, Zach now offers group sessions. Since the cost is divided among a group, the training sessions are more affordable for individual clients. This training model also makes better use of Zach’s time as he can train more clients at once.

#2. Double Down On Marketing To Increase Lead Flow

When he came to AJ Rivera, Zach knew nothing about marketing. He didn’t know about producing content and promoting his business with email marketing and Facebook advertising. Now, he’s honed his marketing efforts and increased his client base with the most lucrative, up-to-date marketing channels.

#3. Find A Mentor To Create More Revenue In Less Time

Zach used our program to get results and amplify his entire business in just 8 WEEKS. Online programs and education are treasure fields of information. Even though there are hundreds of personal trainer programs out there, Zach warns that most of the other mentors out there fail to address the mindset portion that is so make-or-break critical.

“Then I worked with AJ, and everything changed significantly!”

Zach’s Final Thoughts About The Program

“Oh, just do it. Get out of your own head, buck up, and do it. You can’t afford not to. Everything in my life has gone a bajillion times better since.”


If your personal training business hasn’t reached six figures yet, you likely haven’t located the leaks or weaknesses in your business. Something about your sales process or mindset isn’t quite right and you need someone who “gets it” to help you figure it out and give you some guidance.

If this year is no different than last, and next year is no different than this year, then you can’t expect your business to be any different either. The years will pass with the same-old patterns being perpetuated until you decide to do something different. Wait another year, or start today!

AJ Rivera’s program will develop your lead generation, client retention, niche mastery, and audience profiling skills to where six figures will finally be possible for you. Like Zack, the program can give you many times the returns of what it costs in as few as two months, if you’re willing to do the work.

You can try to do this all by yourself, someday. Or you can work with AJ.

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