Selling. Some FitPros would rather wax off both eyebrows than have to spend time pitching and persuading prospects. But unless your fitness business can thrive on $100-a-month referrals — and you’re good with a sharpie — learning and implementing good sales strategies is paramount to your success. If your sales game could use a little work, or you’re straight up sales-phobic, you can’t afford to miss this episode.

There’s no better guest to speak on sales than a man whose name is practically synonymous with jaw-dropping success. Four-time bestselling author Ryan Stewman started in 2012. It only took him four years to close over 2 million in gross sales. Simply put, he teaches people failproof hardcore closing methods that gets them real results. Yes, including fitness professionals.

If you’re looking to gain the knowledge and confidence that gets you landing client after client, it’s time to get hardcore with Ryan and the FitPro Heroes crew. Get ready to laugh too.

Brain Gains:

Why FitPros Are Real Heroes

When someone is unhealthy, the problem goes beyond not being able to button their Levi’s. Depending on how serious their condition, almost every aspect of their life could be affected. FitPros have the opportunity to potentially save marriages, homes, careers, families — entire lives — with the services they provide.

Learning sales strategies to effectively communicate those services makes it easier for prospects to understand how you can help them.


Getting Over Your Sales Anxiety

Anxiety stems from your fear of being judged or not liked. The key is to realize that sales isn’t about you. When someone reaches out, they’re needing to make a change in their life. That’s the focus of their concern and that’s why you should make it yours.


Two Things You Need to Make Sales

  1. Empathy – In order for you to truly understand their situation, you have to ask questions. Make them feel like you get it because you really get it.
  2. Confidence – “I’m confident that I can solve that, it’s just a matter of if you want my help or not.”-Ryan Stewman


Ryan’s Tip to Fix a FitPro Mistake

Stop selling workout plans and meal plans. Well. Because they’re available for free online.

Shift your focus away from what you sell and on to your client’s core desire. Ask them questions to figure out specifically what feeling or result they want — the purpose behind their “why”.

Then use the service you provide to get it for them. Talk outcomes and results.


What else you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 2 things you need to make sales (and neither of them are sales skills)
  • Why FitPros are true heroes
  • The ultimate objection handling exercise that makes selling easy
  • Taking a doctor’s approach to selling and why it works
  • Why selling isn’t the big scary monster you think it is
  • The real reason you get sales anxiety and what to do about it
  • What you can do to start selling when you aren’t a natural seller
  • Ryan’s favorite question to use in all sales and why it’s effective
  • Stop beating your prospect into doing business with you
  • Asking uncomfortable and delicate questions like a boss
  • How to take control of a sales call from the beginning
  • A 60-second sales call opener that closes the deal
  • Why all FitPros need to learn sales strategies
  • Getting PT clients when you’re not ripped
  • How to target customers who are only a few steps below your fitness level


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