When you launch a new product, service or start your own FitPro business, it’s important to give your projects time and space to grow. Easier said than done, right?

Waiting for a project to take flight is a nerve-racking experience for any current or aspiring entrepreneur. You’re already anxious so the last thing you want to encounter is resistance. Ad when it does happen, diagnosing the source can be a difficult task.

Is it a few entry-level hiccups to work past? Or is it an ego-driven force telling you not to back down so you don’t look or feel bad? Your fear intimidating you into bowing out right before you hit big? Maybe your inner critic is convincing you of a future failure? If you let any of those voices inside your head win, prepare to lose.

Cora Poague knows that when you try something new, those voices can get loud. That’s why she helps people quiet the minds, inner critics and fear voices that get in the way of experiencing growth and abundance. In this episode, she shares effective ways to pivot out of limiting and fearful mindsets and how to use your intuition to build a successful fitness business.

In this episode:

  • Why radical self-honesty should be a part of any entrepreneur’s life
  • How to tell if you’re decisions are based on fear or intuition
  • The Heart-centered Hustle
  • How fear can influence your passion and what to do about it
  • The importance of having a ‘soul tribe’
  • Is it fear or is your business idea just not supposed to happen?
  • The number one problem Cora’s seen plague every client to date
  • Comfort and tips for the struggling FitPro and business owner
  • The downward spiral of a scarcity mindset and how to shift to positivity
  • Why you should write a new story for yourself and your life
  • How to transcend the dangerous illusion of control
  • Why you should consider a social media detox
  • Nobody can do it alone
  • What to do if the same fear story keeps looping in your life
  • Steps you can take to get out of your head and into the present moment

Brain Gains:

Quiet the Fear Voice to Improve Your FitPro Biz

Be willing to admit your fear voice is active. That inner critic full of doubt is normal but the key is to not accept or feed it as truth. Notice when it’s running and take action to drop down out of it and into the present. Listen to music, take a few slow and deep breaths, run or perform some other physical movement like stomping your feet.


If You’re a Struggling FitPro

Your fear and scarcity mindset can hinder your ability to make sound decisions for your business. Do something to mitigate the risk and fear. Get your base level of needs met in some other way like taking on a side-hustle or job. 

Be honest with yourself about what needs fixing so you can move forward to fixing it. Have the willingness to be vulnerable and the bravery to admit your challenges. Humbly accepting feedback and guidance is key to making the adjustments your business needs to get back on track.

Remember, no one can do everything alone.

“The hardest thing for FitPros who are struggling in business is admitting to other people that they’re struggling and being honest about what they’re struggling with.” – Cora Poage


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