Once upon a time, driving around with custom-made car decals and handing out flyers were marketing staples for service-based businesses. Sure. They can still be effective. But the results fitness professionals are getting from digital marketing blows any form of traditional marketing out of the water — and requires only a fraction of the effort. One of the key players making that success possible is the use of social proof.

Dave Rogenmoser is an expert on using social proof to grow businesses. He owns a software company called Proof that helps people improve the conversion rate on their website by displaying live social proof. Dave also runs Entrepreneur Alliance where he teaches marketing strategies to grow your business.

The ability to dissolve customer objections and prove your credibility on your website can be the digital game-changer your fitness business needs to thrive. Enjoy this value packed episode tailored for fitness professionals just like you.

In this episode:

  • Digital marketing strategies that work best for fitness professionals
  • How many marketing funnels you need to build a million-dollar business
  • Should you post your prices on social media channels?
  • Old school traditional marketing vs. digital marketing for fitness professionals
  • Increasing conversion rates using social proof
  • How to collect and use social proof when you don’t have any customers yet
  • What personal trainers should avoid doing on social media
  • Testimonials are the ultimate shortcut to growing your business
  • Marketing to get more customers through your doors
  • Using social proof to build a brand and get more customers
  • Tips on how to tell and sell with your story the right way
  • Nobody wants to be your first customer. Why?
  • How to effectively differentiate yourself in an oversaturated fitness market
  • Blue Ocean Strategy vs Red Ocean
  • Why you should specialize in one thing
  • How creating a community unique to your business gets customers to stick around
  • Getting over the fear of creating your own “blue ocean”

Brain Gains:

Digital Marketing Tips for Fitness Professionals

Start with one funnel. Make it simple. Optimize a few pages on your website to funnel people into your studio or business. Fill it with traffic from one source and focus on one audience. “Work on scaling that rather than going thin on a ton of different stuff.”Dave Rogenmoser

Testimonials and social proof. Displaying accolades from your raving fans and clients will outperform any results you’ll get from flyers and business cards. All you need is one great result from a happy customer to gain momentum and trigger a social proof avalanche. “Word of mouth does wonders for your business.” – Amanda

How A FitPro Creates Differentiation

Tell your story the RIGHT way. Humans are hardwired to listen and remember stories. Your story can be an excellent tool to connect with your people and make you more relatable IF you check your ego at the door. Tell it from a place of vulnerability and use it with the intention of inspiring others.

Create a Community centered around your business and what you’re doing. Break ground on building a group of like-minded individuals to add value to your brand. There’s no replacement for the support and comradery that comes with being a part of a community who gets you. It’s hard to leave.


Win of the week:

Dave – will have a son in 2 weeks! (update: Dave’s a dad! Congratulations!)

Corey – is speaking at the EA conference in LA

Amanda – vocal flashmobs (YouTube it)

AJ – planned an intensive speaking event in NY. Just finished That 70’s Show on Netflix and feels like a better person for it.


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