You’re a personal trainer putting in 45+ hours a week at SwoleMates Forever Fit Club. You come home spent. ‘Netflix and chill’ is pretty much just you falling asleep to the home screen, remote in hand. And friends? What friends? BUT. Come payday, you can wipe that sweat right off your forehead with that sweet wad of cash in your pocket! (not recommended).

I mean — all that sacrifice and time spent busting your ass pays off in the end, right?

Or…Not so much?

This is a typical story for a slew of FitPros. When you’re trading in all your time for pennies — because only half that time is lucrative — you can’t help but think about dipping a toe into entrepreneurial waters. PT Jaime Nudelman took the plunge into self-employment and says the water’s warm. After getting fed up with low ROI working for a commercial gym, he shifted into the online coaching world and founded Now he helps busy executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners get fit while answering only to himself.

Jaime joins FitPro Heroes Radio to share tips and advice for anyone thinking of or trying to venture out on their own. If you’ve thought about going from employee to self-employed, this episode is for you.

What else you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The importance of failing and what to do when you do
  • What it takes to go from FitPro employee to self-employed FitPro
  • How to decide if entrepreneurship is right for you
  • Common fitness mistakes work-at-home entrepreneurs make and how to fix them
  • Going from gym workouts to home workouts
  • Jaime’s personal workout
  • Making the transition from in-gym to the online space
  • How to tell the difference between resistance and being out of alignment with your path
  • Why Jaime thought about quitting and what he did to keep pushing forward
  • Specific exercises to counteract the effects of the sedentary lifestyle

Brain Gains:

Four Signs You’re Ready to Be a Solo FitPro

Sales training clashes with your values and integrity. You butcher the sales process and fail as a trainer because you find it difficult to sell something that isn’t true. Your honesty and transparency don’t align with what you’re expected to do.

You’re a natural leader. You like being in charge and having control. When you don’t, you’re unmotivated.

You get bored easily. After doing something for a few months or maybe a year, you’re over it. You crave excitement and don’t feel like you’re being challenged enough.

When you’re not evolving, you become negative or depressed. If you’re at a standstill, you’re concerned that you’re not living to your full potential. It bothers you knowing that you could do more and be more but aren’t more…yet.

[Being self-employed] is more exciting. It’s embracing life with uncertainty. You don’t know what’s coming up tomorrow, next week, next month.” – JN

Mentioned in this episode:

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