Rahz and Greg are like Obama and Joe Biden — best friends, multiple studio owners, passionate marketers, and personal growth enthusiasts. Their start is similar to most every FitPro — working as personal trainers for a big box gym. But they started thinking outside that box and partnered up to start their own business. Fast-forward ten years and you’ll find them running a thriving lifestyle fitness biz and teaching others how to do the same.

A lot of FitPros are apprehensive about having a business partner…. “What if they don’t pull their weight? Will they screw me over? I don’t usually play nice with others. What if we show up wearing the same outfit?”. All valid concerns. So what’s the secret to having an effective team?

You’ve gotta do it Captain Planet style — combine the right elements.

In this episode, Rahz Slaughter (coolest. name. ever) and Greg Kalafatic join AJ and Amanda to speak on exactly which elements a business partner should have and the red flags to watch out for. Plus Rahz draws the blueprint of what you need to build a successful lifestyle fitness business, even if you’re a lone wolf solopreneur.

Episode Discussions:

  • The pros and cons of having a business partner
  • What is a lifestyle business?
  • Things to consider when looking for a business partner
  • Specific ways to avoid stress and burnout
  • Setting boundaries when you work with a friend (and how not to make things weird)
  • What to do when you’re afraid of the phone
  • Building your business without Facebook
  • Relevant marketing
  • Differentiating between busy work and effective hustling
  • How solopreneurs can run a successful lifestyle fitness business
  • The dynamic of a successful business partnership
  • Invisible selling
  • The 5 things you need to build a lifestyle fitness business

Brain Gains:

What does a lifestyle FitPro Business look like?

You don’t have to grind every day. You have the freedom to travel and do events. Its generating income doing something you love to do without it encompassing your entire life. It isn’t who you are, it’s just a part of what you do.

Things you need in order to run a lifestyle fitness business:

Master sales. Learn how to connect with people, look them in the eye, and listen to their tonality. If you’re broke, read books on selling. You need to understand where someone’s coming from in order to influence and inspire them.

Learn marketing. Understand how to match your message with your ideal audience and find a platform that works for you. Get out into the local community and join different business networking groups like BNI. Establish yourself an authority and become the go-to person.

Hustle. Speak at schools and different groups and provide a service. When you help enough people, you get everything you want.

Specialize. What do you do better than anybody else? When you find out what that is and use it to solve people’s problems, it’s game over.

Document your processes step-by-step so you can systematize instead of manually teaching everything.

“The people that are really hungry for it are the ones that make it through.”-AE

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