FitPro Heroes Radio is excited to welcome Productivity & Success Transformation Coach Craig Ballantyne as honorary first guest. Craig is also a fitness expert, friend and personal mentor to AJ. He helps entrepreneurs “get more done, make more money and still get home on time to spend quality time with their family.”

The heroes behind the mics: AJ Rivera (CEO of FitPro Heroes), Amanda Elligan (COO of AJ Rivera Inc.) and Corey Gladwell (Chief Marketing Officer of AJ Rivera Inc).

In this episode:

  • The “Habits of Steel” of successful entrepreneurs
  • Attracting your ideal community (and repelling the unwanted)
  • Forced engagement and accountability
  • Even more reasons why you should be an early riser
  • Productivity tips for the lazy or undisciplined entrepreneur
  • The trick to effectively communicating your message, mission and vision
  • How self-care impacts your business
  • Creating an encouraging and goal-oriented gym culture
  • Effectively determining your business priorities
  • How to make time for what matters
  • Get people to do things without asking
  • How to appeal to and attract younger generations
  • Recruiting millennial trainers
  • A mission statement to make you unforgettable
  • Reactive vs. proactive people
  • Writing a winning to-do list (hint: If you write it in the morning, you’re too late)

This podcast was created with the intention of helping fitness professionals run successful businesses. And sometimes that means getting a little deep and personal — especially when the topic is centered around ways to build an ideal community. After all, your community is a reflection of you. You’re a reflection of your actions and decisions. And they’re driven by…

Your Habits

By having the highly disciplined, non-negotiable habits of a successful entrepreneur in place, you set the tone for the rest to follow. Lead by example. When your message aligns with your actions, you’ll attract the type of person you want to attract to your community.

“People are watching you and people are studying you to see if you act congruently with the message you’re outing out there.” – Craig

Connect and Engage

Recognize the wins, big and small. It could be something as simple as checking their name on a board when they show up to the gym. Post and celebrate milestones and achievements with people. Implement a rankings system and give them the recognition they aren’t getting at home or work.

Communicate Your Message, Mission and Vision

Develop a good mission statement that stands you out from the rest. People need to hear your message 20-30 times a day until it really sinks in. “Be a broken record,” as Craig puts it. Tell your story a different way and use different examples. By relaying your vision, you’ll gain followers and create brand ambassadors.

Craig’s Tips on Getting Ahead:

  • Write your to-do list the night before
  • Identify your #1 priority and tackle it first thing in the morning
  • Set a reverse alarm for 60 minutes before the time you want to go to sleep

“Make the right decisions for your right life, right now.” – Craig Ballantyne


Craig – Bally the Dog is 12 years-old and usually tired. This week, he’s had crazy-excellent energy. It was like old times again.

Corey – Got approved for his dream house!

AmandaWonder Woman is officially the highest grossing hero origin story movie ($404MM). (Female win)

AJ – Met cool people and made new friends in his volleyball league.


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