True or false — You need a million followers to get results from your social media marketing…

Although Alan Belcher has enough to occupy a small island, he’s confident you can generate leads and make money with a much leaner social media following. That is — as long as you have a solid strategy in place.

Alan is a former UFC athlete, owner of multiple MMA facilities and an entrepreneur helping gym owners run successful businesses. In this episode, he sits down with the crew to share strategies that you can implement in your business to convert your social media following into prospects and customers.

If you feel like you’re spinning your social media wheels, get ready to take action and gain traction.

In this episode:

  • Why non-buyers are still valuable
  • How to leverage the followers and audience you already have
  • How to segment and target for better results
  • Coming up with topics to discuss with your audience
  • When your content sucks: actionable tips to improve your content
  • Why you should mix generic content in with your posts
  • Types of content fitness professionals should be sharing
  • How to interact and engage with your followers in Facebook comments
  • Audience trust-building tips
  • The importance of authenticity and humanization
  • How to lose fans and customers quickly and other social media mistakes to avoid
  • The number one thing Alan thinks about before creating any content
  • How to re-engage your audience after not posting for awhile
  • Are quotes dead? What about memes?

Brain Gains:

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

  • Selling or promoting in every post is your shortcut to losing followers. Highlight clients, celebrate someone else’s win, share a current struggle of yours. Fueling your posts with any of these will increase your relatability and likability.
  • Being inconsistent and impatient. Retain engagement by consistently posting quality content. It takes time to build a following so don’t get discouraged. Stick with it!
  • Creating and posting bad and useless content. ”Quotes are dead,” Alan claims. Engage your community with questions and topics relevant to your customer avatar. Share entertaining content that builds trust with your audience and makes them feel good.


Alan’s Tips to Creating Better Content

  • Use various platforms – Utilize videos, podcasts and blogs to broadcast your content.
  • Switch up the scenery – Make your videos and photos more interesting by changing locations. Bonus points for boat shoots.
  • Don’t roll solo – have a variety of guests in your videos, on your podcast and feature guest posts on your blog.
  • Use humor – Make people laugh, tell a joke or make a funny observation. “It’s not unprofessional to use humor in your marketing. Humor is awesome for social media.” – AB

Someone could go live on Facebook and have a hundred people watching but that doesn’t really mean anything. If you only have two people but they’re hot targeted prospects, it could be better than having a hundred people watching.” – AB


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